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3 you have the opportunity to subscribe to the Committee of 4 Knights and is able to fulfill the necessary administrative activities which connect to its development.

The first enrollment as simple SILVER MEMBER  (10 €uro) for the sole right to use the services offered free by the Committee and its members and volunteers to receive all news about the activities of the Committee, information and operational, on your mailbox electronics.

The second involves the enrollment GOLD MEMBER (20 €uro) to actual support activities in all proposed projects, which will need to be disclosed in the community in which he resides. Co-founder to associate the data will be some materials to use and consumption to support it in the dissemination of our information programs.

The third inscription instead only costs 1 €uro PLATINUM MEMBER  pocket expenses for the badge of recognition, but unlike the others and with this different type of membership, the new member will engage the use of our Social Network Smalfiland which by its nature, purpose and objectives, shall pay to the new members, with a distribution system of compensation commission, figures that will come from the operation of word of mouth business.



Cappellino Comitato dei 4 Cavalieri

Cappellino Comitato dei 4 Cavalieri - Con noi per il cambiamento

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Maglietta Personalizzabile - Con noi per il cambiamento