Welcome in our web site!

Welcome in our web site! - With us for change

We are happy to welcome you in our extraordinary project.

The entire world economy is slowly but inexorably moving from offline to online, with particular reference to the world of services and training. For those who are able to perceive this reality, the Internet is today and for decades the system easier, faster and less risky to start their own business.

You become part of a very special team, where the common goal is to create a large company in the cutting-edge areas, helping every person close to us to benefit from the world "Hi-Tech".

In this very simple concept, "helping those around us," is the key to YOUR personal success in this endeavor. The more you are capable and geared to developing others, the more you grow yourself, reaching the economic rewards to which you aspire and enjoying the friendship and esteem of the people who will have an incentive to work by your side.

This project will have no limits. Your results will be directly proportional to the perseverance with which Pursue your dreams, but also your ability to create a cohesive team, able to operate with honesty and transparency.

The reward for those who will work on behalf of others, for those who will be constant over time, for those who can go beyond the small daily difficulties, is one of the most beautiful areas: economic independence, or the freedom to choose how to live, where live and with whom they live their lives.

For some Trainer award he will soon be reached. For others, the trip will be longer. But for all the profound joy will be to join together to build a project that starts from Italy to arrive a day worldwide.

Our Project of Profit Money


You are welcome in our project!

What project?

A project that will allow you and us to earn a lot of money, which can allow you to be able to have a job and a house citizenship in our country.

Intelligent design that will be associated with difficult situations of your own social integration well accepted by us Italians, until you have an home decent work and the long-awaited permit.

We are at the beginning of a journey that in just two years, you will have all of this, staying in perfect harmony with our laws.

Initially we will propose you to join a committee nonprofit will give you the opportunity to be able to provide a voluntary service and through the conduct of assistance to the elderly and disabled, which will give small tips.

Later when you will be given permission to stay by our prefecture, you will be entered as a trainee at work and then be hired as domestic workers before moving to the next well-paid work duties in payroll.

In these two years of participation in the project, you will be awarded training courses simple crafts you'll need to increase your capacity for work that will offer entrepreneurs who embrace our business plan to increase their budgets.

The courses are provided for 12, starting from learning the Italian.

The 11 successive courses will teach agriculture, to become a good woodsman, an effective gardener, a mason, an electrician, a good painter, a good carer, a stakeholder of envelopes and parcels, up to you to meet our code civil and legal, you will become an expert gemologist and a good salesman.

All these crafts that you will learn the necessary work to develop this project, together will be used to build new campgrounds, new villages until arriving to renovate apartments, do maintenance of urban green spaces and manage forests and woodlands.

We will take you to obtain a bank loan to be able to let free to open up your own business and leave you free to staff gradually get your financial independence.

Together we will do great things.

After registering to our committee of the 4 horsemen you will ask for a letter of intent to the friend who introduced you.

 - With us for change